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Mark oversees portfolio management at DMP. He helps portfolio companies accelerate their growth through strategy development, planned fundraising, talent acquisition, business development and publicity. He takes an active role in deal-flow sourcing and review, and spends time developing long-term relationships with interesting founders to help DMP access unique investment opportunities.

Prior to DMP, Mark was a strategy consultant at Digital Direction, an advisory firm to the digital media industry across Southeast Asia. He has 14 years experience in digital media, spent at the Financial Times in the UK where he held a number of positions with FT.com and other digital businesses.

In recent years, Mark has worked extensively with the Singapore Government, developing investment strategies and designing public policy to establish Singapore as a hub for digital advertising and e-commerce businesses in Southeast Asia. He was instrumental in the creation of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (“IAB”) in Singapore, and led the production of the first IAB internet revenue report. Mark has also run a number of strategy projects for large media and telecoms businesses aimed at delivering the changes required to succeed in the digital age, and has been an advisor on Corporate Venture Capital fund creation.

At the FT.com, Mark led the commercial product development, focusing on strategies to maximise digital revenues through improved monetisation – whether by advertising, e-commerce or subscriptions. In this capacity, Mark also played a key role in managing the company’s transition to a digital-first publisher. Mark led the creation of FTYourMoney, one of the UK’s first personal finance portals that provided financial guidance alongside the ability to manage personal finances actively through a range of online tools developed in partnerships with many leading financial institutions. Mark has also worked for a number of digital media start-ups.

Mark holds an MBA from INSEAD and an MSc from King’s College, University of London.

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