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WearYouWant is where fashion shops, brands and designers come together to provide an unbeatable online shopping selection. Behind the scenes, the WearYouWant team supports partner stores with a suite of inventory management, order processing, and promotion services (including celebrity endorsement) to keep the experience seamless and indistinguishable from a stroll through the mall.

Approach to emerging markets

Malls, malls, malls! The air-conditioned fortresses of luxury, glass and steel have long been more than just a place for shopping, forming a social and entertainment nexus of Southeast Asia’s major cities. But as hours in the office grow longer and traffic jams stretch further, shoppers around the region are starting to look for a convenient alternative to offline shopping experience, one that comes with an endless online catalogue, doorstep delivery and straightforward payment. Who better to deliver it than the boutiques and brands themselves then, as they already know their customers and need but a solid platform to serve them online as well as offline?

Starting in Thailand, WearYouWant team is addressing the need of Southeast Asia’s retail industry players to go online and compete with emerging digital-only eCommerce players on equal footing.

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