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Migme (ASX: MIG)website

Launched in late 2005, migme (ASX: MIG) has now grown to be one of the world’s largest social entertainment platform companies. migme allows users from all over the world to talk, chat, play games, organize online parties, and thrive as their virtual personas. migme currently connects over 65 million registered members around the world and hosts a fast-growing virtual economy. Headquartered in Singapore, migme has a strong consumer presence in Indonesia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Approach to emerging markets

In the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and beyond, social networking and entertainment as enjoyed by the majority of digital population follow patterns rather different from countries with easy access to smart phones, high connectivity, and rich entertainment options. migme team has developed a social entertainment platform catering to conversation styles, identity preferences, and gaming tastes of mobile-first users in emerging countries, and has been rewarded by a highly engaged, loyal and growing membership. The highly engaged migme users have formed the company’s unique “merchant network” that consists of thousands of migme′s ambassadors and payment facilitators all around the world. This in turn allows migme, uniquely, to solve distribution and monetization challenges in hard-to-reach and harder-yet-to-monetize emerging markets for developers and publishers of valuable content such as games, virtual gifts and other digital items.

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