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Medical Departures helps patients across the globe to research, compare, and book medical treatments in destination markets including Southeast Asia and Latin America. The company supports consumers in the complex process of gathering information and verifying the quality of medical clinics, as well as making considerable savings compared to treatment at home. It has access to over 4,100 peer-reviewed treatment facilities across 33 countries. 

Approach to emerging markets

Medical Departures addresses the growing global medical tourism industry, which is being driven by the increasing cost of medical treatments and insurance coverage in many developed countries, alongside the improving quality of medical infrastructure being built in a number of developing markets — Malaysia and Thailand chief among them in Southeast Asia. Medical Departures also sees a growing market for intra-regional medical tourism, as the growing middle classes in countries that lack advanced medical facilities travel to neighbouring countries that do. To that end, it is building a complete medical services marketplace, providing support for customers to manage the process of finding, booking and financing their medical needs. 

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