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GoQuo operates a white-label out-sourced hotel and holiday booking service targeted at airlines (both full-service and low-cost) primarily across Southeast Asia. Its dynamic travel packaging platform aggregates a variety of holiday inventory and allows its airline customers to locate and instantly purchase / book flights, hotel reservations, activities, vehicle rentals, and related financial products such as insurance.

Approach to emerging markets

In Southeast Asia, a boom in air travel (especially low cost carriers) in recent years has left the region with a number of airlines that hold positions among top 10-20 web destinations in their respective countries but have yet to fully mature their digital operations to generate significant ancillary revenues.

While some airlines in Southeast Asia have established co-branded partnerships with online travel agents to start generating some ancillary revenues, it is not always necessarily the optimal solution for them. GoQuo allows airlines to retain their customers within an environment that carries only their branding and to sell these customers flight inventory seamlessly bundled with a range of other ancillary products, which allows them to fully retain ownership of their customer data. This makes sense for both airlines that currently run their own holiday operations, as well as those that currently do not monetize this opportunity at all. There are possibilities in supplying similar services to other travel operators beyond airlines. Hotel operators, in particular the large chains, are also increasingly selling direct through their own websites and understand the market for various ancillaries for their customers.

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