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2C2P is transforming millions of everyday business transactions across Southeast Asia and beyond with its next-generation payment processing systems. Its products make sending and receiving payments simpler, safer and more efficient for users and businesses.

Approach to emerging markets

Ask any business selling goods and services in Southeast Asia, especially online – enabling customers to pay safely and easily is never straightforward. Country to country, limited access to payment cards (which reach less than 10% of the population of Southeast Asia as of 2011), incomplete access to banking services, complex regulation, and extreme variety and fragmentation of local payment providers make for a serious distraction and cause loss of business.

The 2C2P team is now deploying across Southeast Asia a suite of products that are specifically tailored to provide a complete set of low-cost and high-reach payment tools for merchants operating in the region:

Payment card processing with best-in-class payment routing, fraud management and business intelligence

Alternative payment options (off-line, over-the-counter, or through online direct debit) to empower consumers beyond payment cards

Integration with existing payment alternatives

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