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    Digital Media Partners is a venture capital firm focused on emerging markets that have recently joined the global digital transformation process. We believe that the arrival of high connectivity, processing power and interactivity results in an explosion of digital services, some of which are very much like those seen elsewhere before, and some unique to their locale.

    Our first fund, active since May 2011, has focused on SE Asia. Over the course of last decade, the 600 million strong population of SE Asia has rapidly embraced digital media and communication. Due to improvements in infrastructure, reductions in the cost of connectivity and the proliferation of affordable devices, by 2015 the region had approximately 250 million internet users and 150 million smartphone owners. These new digital consumers are driving ever growing demand for content and services, and SE Asia is developing a thriving digital media industry, following the paths of China, Brazil and Russia. The region has already produced a number of successful digital media companies achieving successful exits.

    Our investments all share the following characteristics: viability and sustainability in the harsh business environments present in most of the countries in the region; uniqueness and local relevance to be defensible against global competition; scalability across multiple geographies. DMP works with founders to realise an ambition of region-wide presence and success. Our investment range is typically in the range of US$ 500,000 to US$ 1,500,000, which enables a company to extend operations to one or two new markets in SE Asia, in the process testing the business model against the pressures of expansion. DMP provides active support with strategy and structure, business development in new markets, senior talent recruitment, follow-on fundraising and exit planning.

  • Working with DMP

    As an entrepreneur, your conversation with us would be most productive if you have:

    a hardened, locally savvy, cohesive team with at least 2 years of experience working together and surviving in less-than-friendly business environments of SE Asia

    good traction in your initial market – and some revenue from your main business model. We don’t look for a history of profitability – but it is a better time to engage with DMP once the business can stand its senior management team travelling around SE Asia without a negative impact to ongoing operations

    a deep passion for figuring out what are the traits and circumstances relevant to your business that make places as diverse as Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila an addressable single market for your business

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