Q: “I’m working on a new startup seeking $50k seed funding for 10% shareholding. Can DMP help me with the funding needed for product development and marketing?”
A: Unfortunately we are unable to fund pre-launch and pre-revenue companies. There is a community of super smart angel investors and incubators that would be able to support companies at this stage much better than we can. Specifically, we are focused on funding companies that have moved beyond the initial stage of product development, have gained some initial traction in their market and are ready for expansion into another Southeast Asian country.
Q: We have launched our business within the last year and are now generating our first revenues. Would you be able to invest in us?
A: DMP is a Series A venture capital fund. Typically, we invest in companies that have already passed US$50k in monthly net revenues and have been in operation for at least 1-2 years – long enough to adjust their model in a number of ways to fit their market. We do like to get to know companies before we are ready to invest, so please do get in touch, but please be aware we may not be able to invest at your stage.
Q: “I am founder of a company based in India / Australia / US / Europe / China in the digital media space looking to fundraise. Is DMP interested in backing us?”
A: Our expertise is in Southeast Asia only. We believe that venture firms based in India / Australia / US / Europe / China would be better suited to support your startup.
Q: “We are a high growth start-up looking to raise US$10M – US$20M Series A funding. Would Digital Media Partners be interested to invest in us?”
A: Our investments range from US$ 500,000 to US$1,500,000, which are quite typical for Series A rounds in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia.
Q: “I am currently evaluating relocation from the US/Europe etc to Singapore or possibly several other markets in Southeast Asia. As a regional investor, can you help me facilitate this move?”
A: We wish you luck with your plans; DMP is however focused on companies born and built in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia.
Q: I am currently looking to raise funds to develop a new resort in Phuket. Can DMP invest in my project?
A: DMP typically invests in consumer internet companies and their supporting infrastructure (such as payments, adtech etc.).
Q: We are developing an enterprise software solution targeting global corporate clients. Would you be interested in funding us?
A: DMP would potentially be interested in your product; unfortunately, if you intend to focus your business on global clients from the start, it would likely end up outside our geographical scope. We tend to look for companies that have a solution designed for a specific business case in Southeast Asia.
Q: What should I do prepare to help explain my business to DMP?
A: It’s important to hear the story of a company from the founding team. It helps if you have relevant research on your market ready to share with us. We often like to see your company’s dashboards (to see how you think about tracking the important parts of your business, both operational and financial). We ask that you are prepared with the definitions of said metrics and that you are honest about them. And finally, a business plan that shows us how you view your company’s future – based on a set of assumptions that can be understood and explained.
Q: Can you please sign an NDA before we send you information?
A: We do not sign NDAs as a general rule. There is a good deal of discussion on the internet about why VCs tend not to sign NDAs, such as here. In summary, we look at many deals, some of which overlap – so it would be impossibly hard to have NDAs with each company we interacted with. DMP will treat any information provided as confidential. A good way of verifying whether we behave responsibly is to investigate our reputation amongst the startup/investment community.
Q: How do you help your investments after you invest?
A: We work with founders to help them build their company to a successful outcome for all. Company development goes through a number of stages, and different investors have their own unique value-add at each stage. DMP generally provides help with follow-on fundraising (e.g. raising Series B funding); strategy planning; building the management team and finding specialist expertise; expanding operations to new country; setting up business development relationships; corporate governance and structuring; and exit planning.
Q: I currently work for a venture fund/VC-backed startup and am looking for a new job.
A: We are always on the look-out for talent – mostly for our portfolio companies, and occasionally for DMP itself. It’s best to look at our jobs page first to see if anything is listed there, or you can drop us a line with your resume at opportunities.

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