• Emerging social media start-ups are the new Facebooks

    “Social media networks live and die on the assumptions they make about human behaviour and culture,” says Steven Goh, co-founder of social network Migme. “What takes off among US users doesn’t always work out for very different countries and people.”

    Migme launched in Australia, spent three years in Silicon Valley and even shared an early investor or two with Facebook.

  • Why Myanmar is ready to go cash-free
    6 Jul 2015

    Aung Kyaw Moe, founder and Group CEO of Singapore-based payment services provider 2C2P, introduces the launch of e-payment solution “easyBills” in Myanmar.

  • Marketing in Asia-Pacific: Changing the old-school ad model on the fly
    19 Jun 2015

    From Silicon Valley to Southeast Asia, Reza Behnam’s work has focused on the future of marketing. He served as the managing director of Yahoo Southeast Asia and was a founding member of the trade association IAB Singapore. At the beginning of this year, he founded CtrlShift, a programmatic company offering digital marketing strategy, execution and advertising technology to brands, agencies and publishers across five markets in Southeast Asia. He spoke with eMarketer’s Lisa Barron about the region’s rapidly evolving market.

  • Startups are bringing mobile banking to remote villages
    4 Jun 2015

    Mobile banking has provided financial inclusion for developing countries. A new wave of startups is now taking the tech beyond mobile wallets.

  • Southeast Asian payments provider 2C2P raises $7 million from Amun Capital and Japan’s GMO Venture
    29 Apr 2015

    2C2P, a leading Southeast Asian payment services provider, has landed $7 million in Series C funding from Hong Kong’s Amun Capital and Japan’s GMO Venture Partners. That brings total funding for the 12-year-old company to $10 million.

  • Banking on Southeast Asia’s e-commerce future
    2 Apr 2015

    Aung Kyaw Moe, Founder and Group CEO of 2C2P, writing for TechCrunch.

  • migme capitalising from social media boom
    26 Mar 2015

    migme Limited (ASX:MIG) CEO & Co-Founder Steven Goh outlines the company’s strategy to capitalise from the social media boom.

  • Martin Toft Sorensen, Co-Founder & Managing Director of WearYouWant

    The Asian Entrepreneur talks to Martin Toft Sorensen of WearYouWant.

  • Rocket Internet puts $586M into Delivery Hero, buys 9 other food startups
    5 Feb 2015

    Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based e-commerce group that went public last year, is making some major consolidation moves in the food delivery business. It has acquired a 30% stake in Delivery Hero (a rival to Rocket’s FoodPanda), and it has purchased the holdings of seven other food delivery companies in Asia, including subsidiaries of two other rivals, JUST EAT and Food Runner, plus two more in Europe.

  • Three Asian Ad Tech firms merge as CtrlShift
    26 Jan 2015

    AdzCentral, Better Digital and Asia Digital Ventures on Tuesday announced that all three companies have merged to form CtrlShift, a programmatic ad platform. The new company will be headquartered in Singapore.

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