• UnionPay International partners with 2C2P to target Southeast Asian e-commerce market
    2 Nov 2015

    2C2P Group CEO and Founder, Mr Aung Kyaw Moe, said, “With more and more people using UnionPay globally, this partnership marks a significant step forward for 2C2P, cementing our status as a leading payment services provider in Southeast Asia. 2C2P has opened up the world’s largest card brand to our Southeast Asian merchants. In so doing, we have also offered UnionPay cardholders access to the region’s leading travel, transport, tourism and retail brands. Together, we are driving the adoption of cashless and online payments, providing customers with more payment options.”

  • Steven Goh on migme’s evolution and its future
    22 Oct 2015

    migme Limited (ASX:MIG) CEO & Co-Founder Steven Goh on the essence of a social network, monetisation in emerging markets, and his plans for the future.

  • Why DBS’s big boss should stop losing sleep over digitization threats

    Aung Kyaw Moe, Founder and CEO of Southeast Asian payments company 2C2P, comments, “There is a narrative of an on-going and accelerating battle between Silicon Valley versus Wall Street. The trend is clear – financial technology companies are putting traditional banks under pressure. Banks and financial institutions won’t die out – they will adapt and evolve.”

  • WearYouWant bags Series B round from Japan’s Start Today
    25 Sep 2015

    Thailand-based fashion marketplace company WearYouWant announced today that it has received an undisclosed amount in a Series B round led by publicly listed Japanese e-commerce firm Start Today Co. Ltd.

    According to an official statement, other investors that participated in this round include Kimura Shinji, Founder and former CEO, Gunosy Inc, OPT SEA and Digital Media Partners.

    In August 2014, WearYouWant secured a Series A investment round of US$1.5 million led by Digital Media Partners.

  • Southeast Asia’s $34.5 billion e-Commerce future: does it check out?
    15 Sep 2015
    Thai-American Business Magazine: Vol. 4, 2015

    A rose by any other name, according to Shakespeare, would smell as sweet. And whether the ten-member cluster of nations surrounded by economic powerhouses Australia, China and India goes by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), or simply as Southeast Asia (SEA), the region’s star is set to shine.

    Comprising ten member nations (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), ASEAN looks to become an economic powerhouse in its own right. It is home to around 625 million people, 744 million mobile devices, nearly 200 million Internet users and a GDP of over US$2.6 trillion. It will also boast a 400 million-strong middle class by 2020 (Nielsen).

    Amid the backdrop of political rhetoric transforming into economic reality, McKinsey attributes ASEAN’s rise to three powerful socio-economic trends – rapid economic growth, urbanization and technology adoption (notably Internet penetration and mobile technologies). Moreover, with the wheels in motion for a unified ASEAN Economic Community – set to come into force as early as end-2015 – the region has embarked on perhaps its most exciting phase of integration and cross border trade in the association’s 48 year history. Together these factors are transforming the region, its people and its economies, with e-commerce and m-commerce leading the way.

  • Why LPs should be paying attention to VC in Southeast Asia
    2 Sep 2015

    The tremendous opportunity facing the VC community in Southeast Asia — above and beyond empowering the digital ecosystem that has the potential to catch up with India, Russia and Brazil at the very least — is rethinking the venture capital model (economics, deal flow generation, portfolio management practices, exit expectations, etc.) to adopt it to the world outside of mature markets and major emerging economies i.e., the world heavily fragmented legally and linguistically; the world of unstable internet connection and very low cost devices; and the world of highly inefficient economies and little to no institutional support of entrepreneurship.

  • Coda Payments joins hands with BitX to provide Bitcoin payment gateway
    5 Aug 2015

    Singapore-based payment gateway Coda Payments has announced a partnership with BitX to enable Bitcoin transactions between merchants and customers in Southeast Asia — Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

  • Emerging social media start-ups are the new Facebooks

    “Social media networks live and die on the assumptions they make about human behaviour and culture,” says Steven Goh, co-founder of social network Migme. “What takes off among US users doesn’t always work out for very different countries and people.”

    Migme launched in Australia, spent three years in Silicon Valley and even shared an early investor or two with Facebook.

  • Why Myanmar is ready to go cash-free
    6 Jul 2015

    Aung Kyaw Moe, founder and Group CEO of Singapore-based payment services provider 2C2P, introduces the launch of e-payment solution “easyBills” in Myanmar.

  • Marketing in Asia-Pacific: Changing the old-school ad model on the fly
    19 Jun 2015

    From Silicon Valley to Southeast Asia, Reza Behnam’s work has focused on the future of marketing. He served as the managing director of Yahoo Southeast Asia and was a founding member of the trade association IAB Singapore. At the beginning of this year, he founded CtrlShift, a programmatic company offering digital marketing strategy, execution and advertising technology to brands, agencies and publishers across five markets in Southeast Asia. He spoke with eMarketer’s Lisa Barron about the region’s rapidly evolving market.

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